How to Spend a Day Trip in Bangkok

grand palaceBangkok is not a city that opens itself up quickly. Most people spend a day or two at this city before leaving to go to the islands of the jungle. Bangkok may not have a lot of tourists as compared to leading cities such as Paris, New York City, London, and Buenos Aires. However, the city of Bangkok presents a different experience. The city is more than a few days worth of temples and other activities.

We have drawn up an itinerary lasting for three days, to help beginners and even experienced travelers decide on where to go and activities to undertake on their tour to Bangkok. Continue reading

Great Places to Go Shopping in Bangkok

platinumThe vast span of shopping experiences in Bangkok goes far beyond taking a stroll in a mall or spending some time browsing a market. Shopping in Bangkok is a massive undertaking that spans day and night while giving a flavor of the cultural uniqueness that the East presents. Bangkok is one of the largest shopping centers in the world. It presents a combination of huge luxurious shopping centers with chick international and Asian fashion designs. Apart from these malls, once you pop up in the streets, you can find all sorts of cool and cheap stuff. Continue reading

Best Ways to Get Around Thailand

bangkok trafficTraveling around Thailand is inexpensive and efficient. Unless you are traveling by plane, long distance journeys can be arduous, especially if you are on a shoestring budget that restricts your hard seat to lack air conditioning. Not all transportation options are equal when it comes to hassle and pricing. You will find different transportation options in Thailand. Bangkok is full of different options, from the modern Skytrain systems to tuk tuks. While the city may at times experience a snail speed traffic, the rural areas have good roads and convenient traffic.

You should be flexible to hop a tuk tuk, taxi, subway, bus, ferry, train or a plane, that would work best to getting you to your destination. US citizens don’t need an advance visa to enter Thailand. You only need to be in possession of a passport that is valid for at least six months.

Flying to and Around Thailand

Bangkok is an excellent Southeast Asia hub that is served by more than 70 different airlines. The chances are that you will land in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi INternational Airport. However, other landing options include Chiang Mai (CNX), Phuket (HKT), Koh Samui (USM) and HAT Yai (HDY). A couple of domestic airports serve commercial passengers, and to reach them; you will need to travel through one of these major airports.

Renting a Car

thailand carAnother efficient way to get around Thailand is to hire a car from car renting companies. To have the best car experience, hire a driver to take you around. We would not recommend getting behind the wheel in the congested cities of Bangkok or Chiang Mia. Navigating these towns can be a big hassle. In the case of unfortunate car issues or breakdown, getting a towing company to offer quality services to the same scale and quality such as those of can be a big hassle. Beware that Thais drive British style, on the left-hand side of the road, with the driver sitting on the right-hand side of the car.

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Water Activities and Games to Try in Thailand

scuba divingIf you thought tow truck activities are challenging, then think again and wait until you get to Thailand. For a double dose of adrenaline rush and a chance to conquer your fears, all the dare devils aspire to find themselves in Thailand. Thailand is surrounded by many islands with warm tropical waters making it a paradise for water sports lovers. It is a country well known for scuba diving and other water activities such as kite surfing and kayaking. Continue reading

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Thailand

thailandIt is not any secret that Thailand is one of the most popular and highly visited destinations in the world. With palm trees, sand beaches, tropical forests and mist-covered mountains, Thailand is a stunning country that deserves your visit. This country is a collage of spectacular scenes that make bustling modern cities. There are lush landscapes, a variety of handicrafts, Buddhist temples, orange-robed monks and stunning coastlines that define what the country stands for, regarding tourism.

For many cultural travelers, this country is full of ancient temples, beautiful palaces, and glittering spires. The palm-studded beaches with idyllic bays and islands provide an ideal place to rejuvenate. Thailand has many unique destinations that can take you a long time to see all. The country caters for all types of travelers and budgets. There are pristine islands, ancient ruins, national parks and modern cities that are worth your time.

Let us explore some of these places that deserve to be added to your bucket list, when determining on where to tour next.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Markets in Thailand are exciting, lively and play a significant part of the local culture. You can experience the flurry and sensations of a floating market from a long-tail boat making it an important means of spending your day. At about an hour drive from Bangkok, sits Damnoen Saduak Floating Market a top tourist attraction.

The market is fully functional complete with souvenirs, food, clothing and fresh produce. You can hire a private car, a taxi or a limo service to take you to this place during your visit to Bangkok. At this market, you can be served with delicious dishes including breakfast. Vendors sell spring rolls, coconut packages, noodle bowls and fresh fruits.

The Grand Palace

grand palace.jpgThe Grand Palace destination is among the most important and highly visited places in the city. It plays home to a generation of Thai Kings. The palace is now used for special ceremonies and related activities. The palace was originally built in the 18th century when Thailand’s capital was moved from Thonburi to Bangkok. During the reigns of subsequent Thai monarchs, additional buildings were added to now represent an interesting mix of different architectural designs.

Ayutthaya Historical Park

Ayutthaya is a fascinating historical park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can access this park after a one-hour drive from Bangkok, making it an easy and refreshing day trip out of the city. Ayutthaya was the second capital of Thailand between 1350 and 1767 until the Burmese destroyed it. The Burmese forces destroyed the city and burned sacred shrines, Buddha statues, and chedis. Today, Ayutthaya form noble archeological parks that are worth your visit. There are different palaces, magnificent temples and Buddha statues that make the region a top tourist destination.

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Awesome Things You Can See and Do in Thailand

chiang maiThailand is a world famous attraction and has been documented in a lot of sources. It is a country that has been used as a backdrop in several Hollywood movies and crops a lot in modern fiction. There are many activities to do for visitors looking forward to touring this country. You can witness the Grand Palace or watch the Railey Beach sunset. Better still you can experience some adrenaline rush when approaching Phi Phi Don. You can visit the north of Thailand in Chiang Mai or go to the lush southern provinces of Krabi and be charmed by the raw beauty. Continue reading

Where to Go For Adventure in Rural Thailand

sakhraiYou can enjoy Thailand from top to bottom in your next Thai tour. The Thailand’s Isaan region is one of the less visited parts of the country. The area is vastly rural, and travelers pass through it on their way to Laos. Many skip Isaan in favor of Chiang Mai and Pai, mostly because there is no much information detailing where to visit in these rural areas. Isaan primarily comprises of farms and villages. These villages are architecturally inspiring, with spicy and delicious foods and welcoming people.

If you want to get the undiluted Thai experience, be sure to visit these places; Continue reading

Top 5 Thai Dishes You Should Try Today

Food Spicy Thailand Papaya Salad SomtamThailand’s food needs a minimal introduction if not none. Its profusion of exotic fragrances and flavors make it among the most coveted and admired international cuisines. As you walk through Bangkok, these flavors and fragrances seem inexhaustible. Thai foods are quite spectacular. They span everything from staple backpacker favorites to Thai classics. Thai cuisine is renowned for its diversity in terms of ingredients, ample medicinal properties, and outstanding spiciness. Continue reading

Thailand Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

koh lipe hotelThailand remains to be one of the first ports of call to first-time travelers and backpackers. However, don’t be fooled, traveling through here means following a well-beaten tourist trail. We can’t deny that it can take a while to get to grips with this beguiling country. Thailand is one of the most modern world’s prolific destinations. Millions of tourists gain access to this country every year, with the population continuing to increase. Continue reading

Best Times to Visit Thailand

Chiang Mai - WikipediaWhen you are planning your holiday, getting your timing right is very important. You need to visit a place when weather is favorable and conducive. Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in Southern Asia, boasting more than 16 million visitors in a year. It is a beautiful countryside characterized by sunny beaches and bustling modern cities. When making your itinerary, you should be guided by research to avoid visiting Thailand when its beaches are much crowded. Continue reading