Best Times to Visit Thailand

Chiang Mai - WikipediaWhen you are planning your holiday, getting your timing right is very important. You need to visit a place when weather is favorable and conducive. Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in Southern Asia, boasting more than 16 million visitors in a year. It is a beautiful countryside characterized by sunny beaches and bustling modern cities. When making your itinerary, you should be guided by research to avoid visiting Thailand when its beaches are much crowded.

When you are planning on visiting Thailand, the best time to do so will depend on exactly where you are going. In Thailand, the high season starts in November to February. In the northern part of Thailand, the dry season is experienced between November and May. Jungles and mountains characterize this northern section.

The central region is where you can find beaches and water attractions. Temperatures in the beach areas remain warm throughout the year. The seasonal rainy and dry seasons have a significant influence in determining the best times to visit this country.

Weather in Thailand

Beach Sand Sea Holiday Thailand Coast SwimUnlike many parts of the globe, Thailand has three distinct times of the year. These are Summer, Wet and Winter. The rainy season begins from May to October and is caused by the southwest monsoon dumping moisture. This moisture is gathered from the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman sea. Next, we have the cool season from November to February and then the hot season which runs from March to May. Out of the three, the rainy season is the least predictable.

When to Visit Thailand

If you want to settle on when to visit Thailand, the best times would be between November and February. These months are much cooler and experience the least amount of rains. With the three season in Thailand; summer, wet and winter – out of these three, summer is the best time or better say, the most popular time to visit Thailand. Summer presents the best time for travelers to soak up the sun and enjoy the beautiful beaches.

Central Thailand and its eastern provinces experience heat from February to April, with the maximum temperatures getting up around 40 degrees Celsius. Wet seasons arrive in May and go up to October. These months are characterized by frequent short bursts of rain and occasional severe storm. Winter is experienced from November to early February. The northern and northeast part of Thailand has similar conditions. However, winters in these regions are much cooler due to the area’s mountainous terrain.

The southern part of Thailand experience less distinct seasons. Summer and wet seasons are the most distinct and dominating conditions. When you are planning to visit the regions of the south such as Phuket and Krab, the best times to do your visit would be from mid-November to April. However, places such as Koh Samui are at their best during December to June. If your plan is to explore both the seat and west coasts of the peninsula, the best times for visiting would be between December and April.

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