Great Places to Go Shopping in Bangkok

platinumThe vast span of shopping experiences in Bangkok goes far beyond taking a stroll in a mall or spending some time browsing a market. Shopping in Bangkok is a massive undertaking that spans day and night while giving a flavor of the cultural uniqueness that the East presents. Bangkok is one of the largest shopping centers in the world. It presents a combination of huge luxurious shopping centers with chick international and Asian fashion designs. Apart from these malls, once you pop up in the streets, you can find all sorts of cool and cheap stuff.

Shopping in Bangkok is a thrilling experience and a big delight to most discerning of shoppers. Whatever you are looking for, you are assured to get in this beautiful city. The biggest shopping centers are in Bangkok are clustered together on a small area. This makes it quite convenient for shopping. All these senders have great food courts, cafes and restaurants making it ideal to take a break and a meal in between your shopping.

Some of the biggest shopping locations in Bangkok include;

Platinum Fashion Mall

The platinum shopping mall is go-to shopping mall for wholesome clothes and accessories. Almost everything fashionable can be found here. Fashion lovers will be delighted to shop for hats, handbags, clothes, shoes, and cosmetics. The mall is full of fashion clothes with an impressive range of styles. There are shopping streets inside the mall with a lot of shopping happening indoors. The fun of street shopping is confined to an air conditioned space.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

chatuchakThe Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok is one of the largest markets in the world. It occupies more than 35 acres with more than 8,000 stalls. This market brims over all kinds of products. It is the best place to buy Thai handicrafts in Bangkok. Inside the market, there is a street food paradise where travelers can enjoy their favorite dishes.

Talad Rot Market

The Talad Rot market is the shopping paradise for fans looking for vintage and antique stuff. In this market, products are impressive in variety and quantity. There are genuine vintage and antique items available from a large collection. You can find French chandeliers, motorbikes, classic cars, cameras and other unique stuff. There are dazzling dining options for a fulfilling night out.

Pan Tip Plaza

Pan tip plaza is the number one stop for electronics. There are hundreds of shops stocking all kinds of electronics. You will also find computers hardware and software as well as tech related gadgets. This plaza is the best place to buy computers in Thailand. You can get electronics from a variety of brands at a wholesale price.

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