What Makes Thailand a Unique Tourist Destination

thailandThailand popularly referred to as the land of smiles is a fascinating country found in Southern Asia. It is a country ripe with adventure and opportunities for once-in-a lifetime travel experiences. Cities such as Chiang Mia and Bangkok are bustling hives of activity and commerce. You will not have seen the best of what this beautiful country offers without trekking in the mountains or enjoying some face time with incredible wildlife. Attractions in Thailand are diverse with each providing a rewarding and memorable experience in its own way.

Thailand tops in the list of the most popular travel destination in Southern Asia. You can find almost everything here, from thick jungles, crystal clear beaches, great good and cheap beach front bungalows. It is the only country in Southern Asia not to be colonized. However, it is studded with incredible cultural and historical sites with some running hundreds of years back. Thailand keeps its quintessential identity due to its unique culture and history, and its happy people famed for their smiles.

There are endless reasons that should convince you to visit Thailand. As many as they can be, let us look at some of these reasons that should convince you to add this country to your bucket list;

Pleasant Weather

Thailand has a climate that is defined by the monsoon winds. It has a tropical climate, and this means that whenever you visit, it is warm and humid, while at times being wet. People love to travel in this hot and humid weather as they don’t have to wear jackets or warm clothes. A pair of shorts and t-shirt make an ideal attire for tourists flocking this South Eastern country.

Friendly Locals

People Buddhists Praying The Thai people are considered to be very nice, welcoming and hospitable. In this country, people are polite and respectful in a considerate manner. They speak the Thai language and always have a smile on their face. They are open and kind and when you are in a problem, they come in handy to help. They get into a conversation with you and those who are versatile in different languages would not hesitate to translate for you.

Delicious Food

The Thai food is very popular, and you will even find in most western towns. However, that made in Thailand is a different experience. Thai chefs are experts and highly talented. Thai meals are truly delicious yet cheap. All over the city, there are restaurants all-ready at your service. Food is prepared with a mixture of natural ingredients to give it a spectacular taste.

Cheap Hotels

Thailand is centrally located between Europe and Australia and just three hours from Hong Kong. It is a 2-hour destination from Singapore. What makes Thailand stand out is its cheap life. It is very convenient and inexpensive to travel to Thailand due to the excellent infrastructure the country enjoys. There are thousands of hotels and guest houses going for less than $20 a night. Sometimes, the hotels are even cheaper than you would pay at home.

Food can cost under one dollar with private rooms going for $10 a night. The country enjoys some of the best beaches in the world, with clear waters, stunning vistas and a pleasant climate favorable for swimming. Most of the beaches are located away from urban areas to give visitors unlimited access to wildlife and related natural resources.

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