Where to Go For Adventure in Rural Thailand

sakhraiYou can enjoy Thailand from top to bottom in your next Thai tour. The Thailand’s Isaan region is one of the less visited parts of the country. The area is vastly rural, and travelers pass through it on their way to Laos. Many skip Isaan in favor of Chiang Mai and Pai, mostly because there is no much information detailing where to visit in these rural areas. Isaan primarily comprises of farms and villages. These villages are architecturally inspiring, with spicy and delicious foods and welcoming people.

If you want to get the undiluted Thai experience, be sure to visit these places; Continue reading

Top 5 Thai Dishes You Should Try Today

Food Spicy Thailand Papaya Salad SomtamThailand’s food needs a minimal introduction if not none. Its profusion of exotic fragrances and flavors make it among the most coveted and admired international cuisines. As you walk through Bangkok, these flavors and fragrances seem inexhaustible. Thai foods are quite spectacular. They span everything from staple backpacker favorites to Thai classics. Thai cuisine is renowned for its diversity in terms of ingredients, ample medicinal properties, and outstanding spiciness. Continue reading

Thailand Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

koh lipe hotelThailand remains to be one of the first ports of call to first-time travelers and backpackers. However, don’t be fooled, traveling through here means following a well-beaten tourist trail. We can’t deny that it can take a while to get to grips with this beguiling country. Thailand is one of the most modern world’s prolific destinations. Millions of tourists gain access to this country every year, with the population continuing to increase. Continue reading

Best Times to Visit Thailand

Chiang Mai - WikipediaWhen you are planning your holiday, getting your timing right is very important. You need to visit a place when weather is favorable and conducive. Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in Southern Asia, boasting more than 16 million visitors in a year. It is a beautiful countryside characterized by sunny beaches and bustling modern cities. When making your itinerary, you should be guided by research to avoid visiting Thailand when its beaches are much crowded. Continue reading

What Makes Thailand a Unique Tourist Destination

thailandThailand popularly referred to as the land of smiles is a fascinating country found in Southern Asia. It is a country ripe with adventure and opportunities for once-in-a lifetime travel experiences. Cities such as Chiang Mia and Bangkok are bustling hives of activity and commerce. You will not have seen the best of what this beautiful country offers without trekking in the mountains or enjoying some face time with incredible wildlife. Attractions in Thailand are diverse with each providing a rewarding and memorable experience in its own way. Continue reading

Crazy things you can do in Phuket

For those that are traveling a lot, and that are familiar with many parts of the world, might know about Phuket. However, not because there are such great things to see, but because this is a place where a lot of people are just getting drunk. They love partying and they love drinking. People that are going to Phuket think that there will not really be many things to do, but they will be surprised. Here are a couple of things that even might be crazy in Phuket:

Seeing shows like cabaret shows

Not many people are still going to cabaret shows, but this is a whole lot different in Phuket. There these shows are still popular and a great experience.

Especially, if you never have been to such a show before. It can be a lot of fun, laughing and enjoying music. Many people think that this is just another boring show that you can watch to get the night to pass, but at the end of the night, they need to admit that they have enjoyed it, and that they will attend another one before going home.

Go zorbing on your family and friends

Not many people are familiar with zorbing, and there are even some people that think that this has something to do with zombies. However, this can’t be further from the truth. This is an activity that you can find in Phuket and a couple of other places around the world.

Zorbing is where you are climbing into a large ball and to have some fun inside the ball. You can even go downhill inside the ball without getting hurt in any way. But, if you are getting motion sick easily, you might not want to try this. You might not feel as good when you are climbing out of the ball again.

Sight-seeing: Great nature scenes that might surprise you

One thing that people don’t know is that there are some really special and great sight-seeing places that you can visit and see. There aren’t many people that don’t like a beautiful nature scene, and you will surprise about some of the scenes that you can find in Phuket. You can ask a local to tell you all the great, and extraordinary places to visit and to enjoy.

Phuket. This isn’t a place that are familiar and where many people are going. And, if they are going there, they think that getting drunk and partying all the time, is the only thing that you can do there. But, this isn’t the truth. There are so many more that you can do there. Things like seeing shows, go zorbing or even just go sight-seeing. You will be surprised about the different, great things you can do and see in Phuket, and you might just want to consider going there one day.