How to Spend a Day Trip in Bangkok

grand palaceBangkok is not a city that opens itself up quickly. Most people spend a day or two at this city before leaving to go to the islands of the jungle. Bangkok may not have a lot of tourists as compared to leading cities such as Paris, New York City, London, and Buenos Aires. However, the city of Bangkok presents a different experience. The city is more than a few days worth of temples and other activities.

We have drawn up an itinerary lasting for three days, to help beginners and even experienced travelers decide on where to go and activities to undertake on their tour to Bangkok.

Visit Grand Palace, Wat Aru, Wat Pho

You can start your visit to the city by touring the Grand Palace which is regarded as the Royal Palace. The royal family does not live in this place, and the palace is only used for official and state functions. You can wander around the palace and the open temple.

Once done, the next place to tour is the neighboring Wat Pho, a home to the renowned reclining Buddha. The Wat Pho complex typically fills a city block and seeing the statues will not take you long. You can spend more than an hour wandering through the maze-like temple grounds.

Next, you can head across the river to the Wat Arun, commonly referred to the Temple of the Dawn. At this place, you will get stellar views of the city from the temple. Be sure to wear clothes that cover your legs and shoulders, as it is considered to wear revealing clothes. If you don’t have such garments, you will be given such clothes before you enter the temple.

Cruise the River

floating marketTaking a tour of the Chao Phraya River can be a relaxing and beautiful experience that should not be skipped. You can ride a water taxi after paying about 20 BHT, literary less than a dollar. With this type of ride, you will have someone who can give you a brief description of important points as you go.

Check the Floating Market

After you are done cruising the river and touring the temples, you can spend your afternoon checking out the floating market. You can enjoy a half-day visit to the floating markets around Thaling Chan and Khlong Lat Mayom. Both markets are accessible with the use of public transport. There are a lot of crowds, chaos and fresh smells with lots of farm produce on sale. There are also ladies cooking and selling various treats as they paddle alongside your boat.

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