Water Activities and Games to Try in Thailand

scuba divingIf you thought tow truck activities are challenging, then think again and wait until you get to Thailand. For a double dose of adrenaline rush and a chance to conquer your fears, all the dare devils aspire to find themselves in Thailand. Thailand is surrounded by many islands with warm tropical waters making it a paradise for water sports lovers. It is a country well known for scuba diving and other water activities such as kite surfing and kayaking.

The gentle tides and calm waters from the months of November to April make the place a perfect spot for snorkeling. The wild waters and rough waves which happen from May to October are ideal for suffers. Gentle tides and waves are an ideal scene for cruising with a speedboat. Some of the waters sports you can enjoy on your tour to Thailand include;

Scuba Diving

In Thailand, scuba diving is a trendy water sport. Thailand is a haven for divers with scuba diving being the number one sport. You can enjoy your dive with manta rays, leopard sharks, and whale sharks. All you need to do is to dive into the crystal clear waters and swim around miles of coral and colorful underwater life. The east coast offers a year round diving with the climax being around the months of December and April.

Banana Boat

Not all of us want to indulge ourselves in extreme sport. For those who are a little skeptical, and would like to have fun without taking a lot of risks, then Thailand offers banana boats for you. Banana boats offer one of the most popular family water sports. The ideal time is between September and April, with the sport being ideally popular in Phuket and Pattaya.

Jet Skiing

jet skiingJet skiing is the ultimate thrilling adventure. With this sport, you don’t need to know how to swim. All you need is how to ride a bike. Jet skiing is one of the solo adventures you can try as you cross the vast sea in an exhilarating fashion. It is among the most popular water sports in Pattaya.


Waterboarding is one of the popular and fast rising sports in Thailand. All you need is to grab onto a cable behind a speedboat and mount on a boat for fun. Beginners who are looking to have a good time camp around Thailand. There are a lot of professionals too, with classes and guides for all levels of experience. Other popular water sports include kite surfing, snorkeling, water skiing, kayaking, wind surfing and sailing.

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