Awesome Things You Can See and Do in Thailand

chiang maiThailand is a world famous attraction and has been documented in a lot of sources. It is a country that has been used as a backdrop in several Hollywood movies and crops a lot in modern fiction. There are many activities to do for visitors looking forward to touring this country. You can witness the Grand Palace or watch the Railey Beach sunset. Better still you can experience some adrenaline rush when approaching Phi Phi Don. You can visit the north of Thailand in Chiang Mai or go to the lush southern provinces of Krabi and be charmed by the raw beauty.

Here are some of the amazing things you are guaranteed to see and do, once you attempt visiting Thailand.

Explore Bangkok

Exploring Bangkok is a must, a must see city which acts as the heart of Thailand. When you visit Bangkok, you get a chance to explore temples, fantastic markets, palaces, shops as well as experiencing one of the craziest nightlife experiences in the world. Besides these pleasantries, you get an opportunity to enjoy amazing Thai food.

Tour the Golden Triangle

golden triangleThe point where Mekong River meets the Ruak River is called Sop Ruak. However, to the rest of the world, it is known as Golden Triangle. It is the point where Laos, Burma, and Thailand meet. You can stand on the Thailand river bank and have a scenic view across Burma and Laos. There is the Golden Triangle Park that offers an excellent introduction to the local history.



Adventure along Chiang Mai

Chiang Mia is an old city full of temples. Jungles define its surroundings. It is a good launching point for jungle treks into the area. There is a nearby elephant sanctuary for more adventure. The elephant is a national symbol in Thailand and a revered animal. Chiang Mai is also an excellent market place for some of the best handicrafts and deals in the country.

Vist the Tropical Islands

Thailand has thousands of tropical islands. Some are very developed while others have one or a few bungalows on them. From these islands, you can see almost everything. Some of the best islands here include Ko Samet, Ko Lanta, Ko Tarutao, Ko Jum, Ko Chang, Phuket, Ko Lipe, Ko Tao, the Similan islands among others.

Take Part in Full Moon Party

If you like a thrill and partying, there is no better place to go that the famous Full Moon Party. This party is a giant festival with a lot of dancing and drinks. Each bar has an amazing sound system, so you will hear different music blasting onto the beach. The beach is lined with lots o alcohol, painting booths, and fire dancers all doing their magic.

Go Scuba Diving

You set yourself off for scuba diving in the Similan Islands. Scuba diving is a popular activity because of its crystal clear waters and majestic sea life. The cheapest place to learn this diving is on the Ko Tao island, which caters specifically for dive trips. Apart from this island, the Similan Islands offers the best diving experience.

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