Where to Go For Adventure in Rural Thailand

sakhraiYou can enjoy Thailand from top to bottom in your next Thai tour. The Thailand’s Isaan region is one of the less visited parts of the country. The area is vastly rural, and travelers pass through it on their way to Laos. Many skip Isaan in favor of Chiang Mai and Pai, mostly because there is no much information detailing where to visit in these rural areas. Isaan primarily comprises of farms and villages. These villages are architecturally inspiring, with spicy and delicious foods and welcoming people.

If you want to get the undiluted Thai experience, be sure to visit these places;


Korat is Isaan’s gateway city and the region’s largest and most developed place. Just like most Thai cities, Korat lacks any real inspiring architecture. However, it has a lot of beautiful temples, including those of Wat Phayap and Wat Ban Rai. The city is worth your time as you delve deep into Isaan.


PhimaiPhimai is a historic ruin that is an easy day trip from Korat. The ruin was built in the 12th century by the Khmers who controlled the area. It is a beautiful and an under-visited area featuring a center temple that is surrounded by few mini structures and a gigantic square wall. When you visit this area, you can tour the temple or take a walk along the naga bridge. This ruin is mostly visited by school groups and the Thais.

Nong Khai

Nong Khai is a stopover city for tourists who are coming in and out of Laos. In this city, there are amazing coffee shops, food, and market. There are lots of temples including those of Wat Phra That Khlam Nam and Wat Pho Chi. There is a slow pace of life and whatever is sold here is very cheap. There is the famous Sla Kaew KU sculpture park that was built in 1978 by Bunleua Sulitat. In Buddha, there are hundreds of other statues all coming in various shapes and sizes.

Ubon Ratchathani

Ubon Ratchathani is another amazing stopover city for tourists on their way to Laos. There isn’t much to do in this place, and thus the region presents itself as a fantastic place to unwind. You can visit some of the coveted temples such as Wat Thung Si Muang and Wat Tai Prachao. Else, you can visit the famous night market or national museum. Dinner is served along the river banks on different eating joints of this town. There are numerous paths for those who would prefer to walk around.

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