Thailand Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

koh lipe hotelThailand remains to be one of the first ports of call to first-time travelers and backpackers. However, don’t be fooled, traveling through here means following a well-beaten tourist trail. We can’t deny that it can take a while to get to grips with this beguiling country. Thailand is one of the most modern world’s prolific destinations. Millions of tourists gain access to this country every year, with the population continuing to increase.

But what happens when you have a lot to see and cover in a limited time? You can lose the scope, right? Yes, that is what can happen when you get to Thailand. To have a successful backpacking experience, you need to plan your itinerary properly and have a budget. Let’s look at some of the insightful tips you can employ to have a successful holiday when you tour Thailand.


Staying and living in Thailand can be very cheap, with the north being far cheaper than Southern Island and Bangkok. You can get inexpensive guest houses for as low as 300 THB per night and 200 THB per night in the countryside. In the major cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mia, expect to pay about 400 THB per night. To sleep on the islands or at better rooms with air conditioner, you will have to pay 600 THB or more. A shared room starts at 350 THB and booking the whole apartment will require you part with 700 THB.


thai foodIn Thailand, food can be very cheap. Street foods cost as little as 20THB, though an average meal costs 35-50 THB. 150 THB is enough to take care of your meals for the whole day comfortably. Most western dishes such as pizzas, burgers, and pasta will cost you around 300 THB. Since the food is so cheap, there is no need for grocery shopping unless you are searching for pre-made salads or fruits. In restaurants and big hotels, take advantage of the happy hour, where you can have meals and drinks half priced.


Just like everything in Thailand, transport is very cheap. Local buses cost as little as 8 TBH per trip. Skytrain and the Metro in Bangkok cost about 30 TBH per trip. There are metered taxi rides going for about 80 TBH each. Motorbikes are available in the city and are among the cheapest forms of transport.

Do not book any tours before you arrive. Travel agencies are located all over the cities, so there is no need to rush. If you purchase tours online before you come, you might end up paying more, since, in Thailand, there is always room for negotiating.

Money Saving Tips

The easiest way to save money while you at Thailand is to live like a local. You can take local buses, drink local beer and eat street foods. The average Thai and those residing in Bangkok spend less than 7,750 TBH per month. When we speak of street foods, don’t be afraid about it. These foods are safe and at times even safer than those served in restaurants. You will find that some of the best street foods will even cost you a fraction to what you could pay in the restaurants.

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